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Zibra Effects suite has officially become a part of the Unity VSP program 

Zibra AI solutions are recognized worldwide as top-tier tools for game developers and creators of virtual worlds. Now, several of our products have officially become part of the Unity Verified Solution Program.

This means that the Unity engineers have tested them to guarantee that they are fully compatible with the latest version of the Unity editor and offer a high-quality experience for all users.

What is the Unity VSP Program? 

The Unity Verified Solutions Program is a program by Unity Technologies that encompasses a variety of third-party tools, plug-ins, SDKs, and other technical solutions. 

These solutions are specifically tailored for integration with Unity, and undergo a rigorous verification process to ensure they meet high compatibility, quality, and scalability standards.

Tools part of this program bear a “Verified Solutions” badge, signaling to developers that these tools are reliable and compatible with Unity. With “Verified Solutions,” the Unity team aims to establish developer trust and accelerate business growth for the solution providers.

Now, the Zibra Effects suite is officially a part of the Unity Verified Solution Program. Specifically, we are talking about Zibra Liquid, Zibra Smoke & Fire, Assets Library and Zibra Effects.

Zibra AI VSP suite 

Zibra Liquid is a real-time 3D liquid simulation extension designed to assist game developers in simplifying prototyping and integrating realistic liquid physics into their projects.

Equipped with a custom physics engine and AI-driven technology for neural object representations, Zibra Liquid offers dynamic, interactive liquid effects that enhance environmental aesthetics and boost user immersion in virtual worlds.

Zibra Liquid also integrates seamlessly with the Zibra AI Assets Library, featuring a range of ready-to-use, immersive drag-and-drop assets.

To use these assets, users need only to buy Zibra Liquid, drop an asset prefab into a scene, add reflection capture (and Directional Light for HDRP) to the simulation volume, and modify the visuals according to their needs.

Check out the first assets of Liquid Elemental, Liquid Portal, and Water Fountain on the Unity Asset Store. 

The second product in the Zibra AI VSP suite is Zibra Smoke & Fire. 

Featuring three simulation modes and using the same neural object representation technology found in Zibra Liquid, Zibra Smoke & Fire enhances the realism and lifelike quality of virtual worlds with volumetric smoke and fire effects, moving beyond flat 2D flipbooks.

With Zibra Smoke & Fire, users can create a range of VFX, including magic effects, combat effects, burning fires, smoke trails, atmospheric phenomena like clouds, dust, debris, fog, etc. 

Similar to Zibra Liquid, Zibra Smoke & Fire also support a collection of complementary assets, available for purchase on the Unity Asset Store. 

Zibra Effects combines Zibra Liquid and Zibra Smoke & Fire features, along with enhanced XR support.

Ideal for VR gaming, this all-in-one solution enables the creation of highly immersive virtual worlds with realistic water, smoke, and fire simulations. 

Zibra Effects is also well-suited for virtual training scenarios like firefighting and airplane simulations, offering accurate scenario replication options.

As the most advanced and flexible simulation solution from Zibra AI yet, it stands out in its field.

Discover more about Zibra Effects here.

Yana Sobetska
Content Manager

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