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What are the system requirements?

Supported Platforms: Windows, UWP, macOS, iOS, AndroidVR is supported, including Quest 2 Standalone. (maybe move to separate item if going with short version

You can check the full list of requirements here

alt vers

  • Windows

    • Supported Graphic APIs: DX11, DX12, Vulkan

    • Supported CPU Architectures: x64

  • UWP

    • Supported Graphic APIs: DX11, DX12

    • Supported CPU Architectures: x64

  • macOS

    • Supported Graphic APIs: Metal

    • Supported CPU Architectures: x64, arm64

  • iOS

    • Supported Graphic APIs: Metal

    • Supported CPU Architectures: arm64

    • Supported OS: iOS 12 or later

    • Supported Devices: iPhone 6s or newer (Metal GPU Family Apple3 or higher)

    • Supported Xcode versions: 14.2 or newer

    • iOS Simulator is unsupported

      - You can run iOS build on Apple Silicon instead

  • Android

    • Supported Graphic APIs: OpenGL ES 3.2, Vulkan

      - Smoke & Fire doesn’t support OpenGL, only Liquid will work when targeting OpenGL

          - OpenGL support for Smoke will be added in future release

    • Supported CPU Architectures: armv7, arm64

    • Supported OS: Android 7.0 or later

    • Meta Quest 2 & Quest Pro are supported in Zibra Effects Subscription

Does Zibra Effects have console support?

For console support related questions please contact us at

How long does it take to learn how to use the plugin?

We want to ensure our users have the smoothest transition to new technology by making our UI as intuitive and simple as possible. That’s why our package includes a sample scene where you can see detailed settings. We also have a tutorial package, dedicated to liquids functionality. You can check it out on our YouTube channel. Smoke & Fire tutorials are coming soon.

What plan should I choose? How to check if I am eligible for Indie or Studio?

When deciding which plan to choose, it's important to assess whether you qualify as an "Eligible Indie User." To be considered eligible under this category, you must meet all of the following conditions:

  • You are either an individual or a legal entity developing a product independently, without the backing of a video game publisher.

  • Your annual revenue, budget, or investments allocated for the development of the product do not exceed USD 100,000.

  • You are not using the software to develop the product on behalf of a third party, following their order or request.

If you satisfy all these criteria, you qualify for the Indie plan. Otherwise, you should consider the Studio plan.

Why are you using subscriptions?

Here at ZibraAI, we strive to make virtual worlds more immersive and simplify content creation with easy-to-use real-time simulation tools. This mission requires constant effort related to developing new features, physics improvements, adapting our solution to new platforms and engine changes, and more. Unfortunately, all of it is impossible to do with a one-time purchase model. That’s why Zibra Effects offers subscription options for Indie and Studio users.

Is there a student version of Zibra Effects?

Yes, there is. To obtain a free Zibra Effects license for educational non-commercial use, you should apply with the form. Please ensure you meet the following requirements:

  • You must be able to provide a valid student ID.

  • You should use an official educational email address.

Upon approval, you can annually renew your subscription by reaching out to us with a current, valid student ID.

What are the differences between Zibra Liquid, Zibra Smoke & Fire & Zibra Effects?

The Unreal Engine version of Zibra Liquids is already available on the Unreal Marketplace. Check it out here. The Pro version is coming soon. Follow our socials not to miss any updates.

FeatureZibra EffectsZibra LiquidZibra Smoke & Fire
VR support
Liquid simulation
Smoke & Fire simulation

Does ZE work only in VR? What about other platforms?

Zibra Effects operates across all supported platforms, irrespective of whether VR is utilized or not. It is designed to function independently, enabling its use in a wide range of applications beyond just VR environments.

Is Zibra Effects working on Unreal Engine?

Zibra Effects for Unreal Engine is still in the works. Stay tuned for further announcements.

How many seats are in one license? Can I purchase multiple seats?

Your license may include multiple seats; the default setting is one seat, which permits activation of the license on a maximum of two computers. The number of seats can be modified in your Stripe user account at any time, both during and after the purchase.

Do I need an active subscription for Zibra Effects to work in Editor and in builds?

An active subscription is required during the development period. Using Zibra Effects within the Unity Editor requires license validation each time you launch it. Without a valid license, you won't be able to run simulations inside the editor. However, you don't need to validate the license on a build machine. Also builds created using Zibra Effects do not incorporate DRM restrictions and never attempt to contact ZibraAI servers for any purpose. This means that once you've built your project, it will never stop working, regardless of your subscription status.

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