Next-Gen Visuals, Now on Set

Next-Gen Visuals, Now on Set

Transform Your Virtual Production with Dynamic Volumetric Real-time Effects.

Add a New Dimension to Your Project


2D VFX look the same from different angles

Have a relatively small size

Ideal for real-time rendering

Optimal for scenarios requiring numerous VFX, such as in MMO RPGs

Compressed OpenVDB

Volumetric VFX offer a genuine 3D experience

Up to 100 times lighter than standard OpenVDB after compression

Suitable for real-time rendering in zibravdb format

Optimal for crafting cinematic visual experiences and environmental VFX

Achieve 100x Compression of High-Quality OpenVDB Effects

Our solution handles different VFX channels, including density, temperature, and flames.

Works with different inputs, be it a single VDB or VDB sequences for animated VFX.

Stores compressed data in proprietary zibravdb format.

Zibra AI tech efficiently decompresses and renders volumetric VFX, requiring only a few milliseconds per frame.

Experience Seamless Real-Time Rendering

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Breathe Life into Your Game with Interactive Volumetric Effects

Zibra AI solutions bring dynamic, interactive visual effects to life with custom physics solvers and proprietary liquid, smoke & fire real-time simulation technology.  

You can simulate and run VFX directly inside the game engine, without the need to jump between different tools.

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Disrupt Your VFX Creation Process

Design a Scene

Use a game engine or modeling software to create a scene.

Render VFX

Render VFX into 2D flipbooks and incorporate them into your game engine.

Export the Scene

Export colliders, meshes, animations, camera info, etc., into your preferred simulation software.

Simulate VFX Offline

Use highly specialized software to simulate a VFX.Render VFX


In-engine solution

Experience the future of real-time VFX

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